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Theta Session

Theta is a technique using muscle testing to communicate with your subconscious to identify thoughts, feelings, patterns and behaviours that are no longer serving you and holding you back from achieving and attaining the quality of life you desire.  


Your subconscious records and stores all your experiences from birth whether you are conscious of them or not and uses this information to keep you safe in life.  The subconscious does not know the difference between past and present and this is why we experience the feeling of trauma or unworthiness when smells or experiences trigger the subconscious of past events and this can then transport you back to the thoughts and or feelings of the said experience as if it was happening in the present moment.  


The subconscious role is to protect and uses past information to keep you safe in the present moment.  In many instances this is positive as it lets us know when we are safe and when to run or seek safety, but if information is not updated your subconscious is feeding you outdated information which traps you in the past and it can lead you to feel as if you will never attain your full potential or the life you desire.


For instance, you may want financial abundance in your life but if you have been brought up with the thoughts and feelings that money is bad, evil or only for the privileged few; when you are working toward financial abundance your subconscious is still running the outdated thoughts and feelings which can create an inner conflict which prevents you  attaining your desired outcomes.   As stated, many times you won’t recognise this conflict with the subconscious but have a realisation, that on some level, your are stuck and/or sabotaging yourself through your actions or lack of actions.


Once old and redundant thoughts, feelings, patterns and behaviours have been identified, Maxine uses a simple, non-intrusive technique using the frequency of Theta to release and instil new thoughts and feelings to create a healthy and up-dated path of communication with your subconscious to create new patterns and behaviours conducive to the person you are today.  This treatment is done with your permission and for your highest and best so nothing can be switched up without your knowledge, permission or for your highest and best.

 Cost: £40 for 1 Hour Session.  

Add an extra 15 mins onto 1st Session for an consultation to be carried out.