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Unlock Your

Soul's Challenges, Talents, Goals & Destiny


Soul Unity Academy

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This 1 day workshop is to explore the Journey of the Soul through life in the physical body. This workshop is facilitated by Maxine and is group lead.  A necessary requirement for this course is to have an open mind; to listen and explore everyone's perception of the Soul and be open to expand your own awareness if you chose to.  In this workshop we will be exploring:

What is the Soul?

Pre 6/7 - Creating the Environment for Soul growth;

The role of the Subconscious in Soul learning;

Our Echos;    

The Internal Universe vs the External Universe;

The Field – The Mirror;

Quantum Physics and Reincarnation;

Ancient Philosophy for Modern Living;

Soul Purpose – How we find it and Soul Evolution.


Awareness is the guiding light that leads you towards finding your True Nature, your soul self.  It is said that we choose our family.  The family we choose is the environment that creates the right conditions for the lessons we have choosen in this life-time.  The expansion of awareness initiates movement inwards, to the internal Self and the Natural Expression of Inner- Balance and Well-Being.


To access the Soul is the ultimate goal in this physical reality.  The  understanding and awareness helps you to identify your Soul purpose in this lifetime.


Workshops cancelled until further notice

Cost:  £60      Times:  9.30am - 4.30pm      Date: TBC      Place:  TBC


A £20 non-refundable depost is required to secure your place and the outstanding amount to be paid 1 week before the workshop. All materials required for this workshop are supplied.




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