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Holistic Therapist & Reiki Master


Combination of Treatments - When I first when to Maxine I was suffering from anxiety and this manifested itself primarily in heart palpitations and an inability to sleep well. Fast forward several weeks and through applied kinesiology, access bars and energy healing my life has changed drastically! I sleep much better, I no longer get anxious, I'm looking better than I have for years and more importantly I haven't had a single palpitation. I couldn't recommend Maxine Lewis enough ,she's truly changed my life for the better.
Maria from Glasgow

Zen Meditation & Mindfulness 8 week Course - My experience of the journey of the Meditation & Mindfulness course took me from a place of living with constant stress of one type or another, to now being able to deal with any situation in a different manner. I was shown how to incorporate mindfulness into my daily life enhancing my quality of life greatly. Carolann.

I would just like to say a massive thank you for such a great course, on the first week I came I was extremely frazzled, this is the only way to descried it, I was stressed, felt over whelmed and I would definitely say anxiety was creeping in and over the last eight weeks with all the knowledge you have given me in this course I feel more at easy with a real sense of calm, knowing how you focus on me in a world of madness is lovely. So again thank you for your time and energy that you have put into a wonderful course. Shona, Ayrshire

Trigger Your Happiness Gene Workshop - I have worked with Maxine for 5 years where she has guided me on my spiritual path. Initially supporting me through the reiki process to master level and latterely on the "Triggering the Happiness Gene" course. My progress has been enormous and extremely enjoyable with Maxine always availabe offering invaluable insights which help to stetch my imagination and simplfy seemingly complex theories. When my kids are asking me why I am so happy all of a sudden and I truly feel the happiest I have felt in years, it serves as a reminder that Maxine's tuition is an immensely powerful aid in personal development. (Fraser McGartland)

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