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Unlock Your

Soul's Challenges, Talents, Goals & Destiny


Soul Unity Academy

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Soul Transformation


"Your soul is wholeness; life experiences & trauma, big or small, are like stones & boulders in a river that restrict the natural flow from its Source.  As you clear these blockages you become One with the river, a droplet of Source, in flow with the river of life."


From the day we are born and travel through life, it is natural that we experience positive, negative and neutral experiences.  The good we smile and laugh at, the neutral doesn't affect us either way and the negative is stored and blocks our natural flow of energy and if not dealt with can create dis-cord on a Soul Level. This manifests as a disconnection between the mind, body and soul where something seems to be missing or out of balance in life and you can't align your desires with the life you wish to achieve.


At the core of our being our Soul is Whole and Soul Transformation Therapy is the process of clearing blockages within our energy sytems to align our mind and body with our Soul to attain wholeness and the alignment of Mind, Body and Soul.


A Soul Transformation Therapy session consist of using psychological symbols to identify:

   -  The Polarity

   -  The Core Issue

   -  Soul Alignment Techiques to clear the blockage and align the Mind, Body & Soul.


This can be used as a stand alone therapy or to compliment a Soul Reading where your Worldly and Spiritual Challenges are identified and helps align the Soul with your Worldly and Spiritual Talents to set the right conditions to attain your Worldly and Spiritual Goals and Soul Destiny in this life-time.

Cost:  £40 for 1 hr Session

Add 15 minutes to your first session to for a consultation to be carried out.

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