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Unlock Your

Soul's Challenges, Talents, Goals & Destiny


Soul Unity Academy

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Soul Plan Reading

Everything is Energy vibrating at different frequencies and that includes your name.  Held within the vibration of your name is your Soul Plan and it holds the information of your Lessons/Challenges, Gifts/Talents, Goals and Soul Purpose/Destiny.  It is broken down into the 2 aspects of life, your worldly and spiritual life.  


The first step is to look at your worldly life and within the challenges we look at the lessons you have chosen to overcome in this life-time.  We then move on to look at the gifts you were given to help you overcome your challenges which then lead to you working towards your Soul's Goals and Destiny.  This process is then applied to the spiritual aspects of your chart.


This is not a linear process, it is parts of  a whole, the authentic you.  When you can see and understand all the different aspects of you it brings clarity as we separate the different aspect so you have a clear picture of your Soul's Plan.  For any negatives there are positives to help counteract them.


The clarity and understanding of your Soul Plan gives you the information to attain an acceptance of who you are, your core essence.  It shows you and gives you a sense of knowing that, everything you need in this lifetime, is contained within you.  


Just imagine how enlightening it would be to be able to access your Soul Plan and use it to move forward with the knowledge, wisdom and guidance of your Soul to become that which you are destined to be.  


A session is divided into 3 parts.  First of all you provide me with your name as it is on you Birth Certificate so I can create your Soul Plan.  You then receive a 90 minute Soul Plan Reading, finishing with a Grace Clearing.  You will receive a copy of your Soul Plan.  After a week or 2, I offer you a 45 minute zoom or phone call to answer any questions or discuss your Soul Plan.  I also offer a 15 minute call, free of charge, if you wish to speak to me and find out if this is right for you.



Cost:  £99