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Your Journey Within is paved with Self-Love; your Journey of Self-Love is paved with Happiness; your Journey of Happiness is paved with Inner Balance and Well-Being; your Inner Balance and Well-Being is your journey to your True Self; your Soul; your Destination.

Maxine Lewis

The truth of the matter is that no one can find your Inner-Balance and Well-Being for you. The Script or Manual of your True Nature, or whatever words you use to describe it, resides within you. It is as unique as your fingerprints. It is said that your Soul is eternal, and if that is your truth, does it not make more sense that all the knowledge and wisdom you need to discover your True Nature, your Soul, is contained, not on the outside, but within you. You come into this world on your own, leave on your own and the journey to find your True Nature is also a Journey of the 'Self'.

Maxine facilities small groups, offering a range of techniques, to gain confidence and the skills to access your own inner script of Self-Love, Happiness and ultimately your True Nature. It is individual and group led giving you the space to access your Own uniquie internal power of who you are. When you become One with your True Nature, you are Creation. Happiness is not a possession or status, it is a state of being.

Your Soul's Journey in this life-time is extremely important and this workshop equips you with the knowledge and resources you require to make your journey as smooth as possible and the skills to respond to any bumps along the way.

You will also gain the awareness of how each person has their own unique understanding of language depending on their unique life's story. This awareness gives you a deeper insight of how words can be an unrealised barrier in communicating with others. Understanding communication of others definitly leads to a more harmonious life.

When you own the awareness and skills to access and heal your 'Self' you are in the driving seat and on the road to your ultimate destination, your True Nature, your Soul.

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