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Reiki 2 - The Practitioner's Certificate

Reiki II Training deepens your knowledge and understanding of Reiki healing. On the completion of Reiki II you have the knowledge and certification to set up a business as a Reiki Practitioner if you so wish.

Reiki II is a practical hands on training that delves deeper into the healing process. You will be given Reiki Symbols and learn the technique of Distant Healing. This training also deals the the practical and legal implications if you wish to become a Reiki Practitioner. Your are given a manual that contains all the course material.

Reiki II Certification consists of a 2 day training.

Your 2 day Reiki II Training will consist of:


  • Reiki and the importance of Chakras.
  • Working with Energy.
  • Attunements.
  • Reiki Symbols.
  • Distance Healing
  • Good Communication and Listening Skills.
  • The Client Consultation and Record Keeping.
  • The Reiki Session.
  • Setting up a Reiki Practice.
  • Continual Personal Development.

On the successful completion of your training you will recieve your Reiki II Certificate.

COST: £150 TIMES: 9.30am - 4-4.30pm both days. DEPOSIT: £40 to secure your place.

See the Calendar for the next Reiki II dates. If there are 2 or more wishing to do Reiki II I can offer extra dates. By arrangement.

Reiki II Training cancelled until further notice.


: Maxine Lewis Troon Tel: 07873491553 Email: [email protected]