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Holistic Therapies

The common denominator in all therapies is creating the correct condition to activate the body's own ability to heal. The success of a treatment is using a therapy a client prefers and feels comfortable with. This is also true for the body as the body likes to be heal in a certain order and with prefered therapy.

Maxine trained in a range of therapies in order to design a unique treatment plan to create the correct condition for the body to activate its own healing ability. All therapies have the same objective, to attain and maintain homeostasis/balance in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of the body.

Maxine creates a treatment plan which can be adapted at the beginning of each appointment to accomodate the body's preffered order and way it wishes to attain the correct environment to bring itself into balance and well-being on all aspects of the body.


: Maxine Lewis Troon Tel: 07873491553 Email: [email protected]