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Crystals contain minerals and properties that make up the building blocks of the human body.  It is these minerals and properties that are used in Crystal Therapy to help bring all the aspects of the body, Emotional, Physical, Mental (thoughts) and Spiritual, into alignment.


Crystals work by identifying the source or the core issue, whether it be emotional, physical, mental (thoughts) or spiritual, and uses the crystal’s own unique properties to bring the body back into balance.  One concept of Crystal Therapy is that if an emotional issue, be it trauma, big or small, stress etc is not dealt with and is repressed it will eventually manifest into a mental or physical issue or condition to alert you of the necessity to deal with it and so it can be released to allow the body to return to its natural state of balance and well-being.


It is now recognised that pain can be both physical and emotional and crystals help to support the healing process.  Crystals are complementary to ongoing medical treatments and work in conjunction towards finding a person's own unique level of health and well-being.  


Crystal Therapy is not a cure but can help to ease Emotional, Physical and Mental dis-ease within the body.  It is a non-intrusive treatment and during a Crystal Therapy a client is asked only to remove their shoes, before lying on a treatment couch, whereby a blanket is placed over them before crystals are placed on and around the body.


Crystal therapy may help with Relaxation and:


• Stress and anxiety related conditions;                          

• Helps support the grieving process;

• Activate and support the natural self-healing processes of the body;

• Can help to support the recovery & maintenance of existing conditions;

• Can help identify Core Issues, often forgetten, to release them;

• Brings harmony to Body, Mind & Spirit;

• And much more.


Crystal Therapy identifies thoughts, patterns and behaviours to be released or switched up, so other treatments may be used along side it to help the process with ease and grace.


Cost: £40 for a 1-hour session.    

Add an extra 15 minutes to your 1st visit to allow for a consultation to be carried out.