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Bach Flower Session

Bach Flower Essences are 100% natural and uses the vibrational energies of the flowers from different plants to holistically re-balance your thoughts and emotions.  It is a simple and holistic method which can be used by everyone safely, without side effects and can be used along with other medication and treatments.  Using Bach Flowers helps your body’s own innate healing ability to restore balance to your thoughts and emotions.

Bach Flowers

Normally you would go into a shop and try and match your symptoms to a Bach Flower Essesence.  This method may not address all your symptoms and there may be underlying emotions that you are not aware of.  During a Bach Flower Session Maxine uses muscle testing allows your body to tell you what combination it actually needs to restore balance to your thoughts and emotions.


Your body is in a constant state of change, so through muscle testing, the correct Bach Flowers Essences will be identified.  Up to 5 Essences can be used at once to address the imbalance within the mind and body. Muscle testing will also determine the dosage and number of days you will take the drops and dose to ensure your body receives the Essences to gain the best outcome. The required drops will be mixed in a small bottle of water within the session for you to take home.


Bach Flowers are categorised into 7 categories which represented the different ways a particular thought or emotion could be expressed and experienced.   These are Fear, Loneliness, Uncertainty, Lack of Interest, Despondency & Despair and Oversensitivity.    By using muscle testing the correct combination to of Essences will be identified to help attain the correct mixture to help alleviate imbalances over all the categories.


Note:  Bach Flower Essences are mixed with Brandy so if you have an issue with alcohol, they may not be suitable for you.



Cost:  £20 for approximately 20 minute Session