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Unlock Your

Soul's Challenges, Talents, Goals & Destiny


Soul Unity Academy

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An Introduction to Soul Plan

Your Soul has a plan for you to achieve in this physical life-time for its expansion.  Soul Plan uses the vibration of your birth name to access that plan to give you the information and clarity to work towards your Soul Purpose and Destiny.


Soul Plan uses the Star of Creation to demonstrate the different energies of the Worldly and Spiritual aspect of your life's Challenges, Talents, Goals and Soul Destiny that is designed to expand your Soul through the experiences of this life-time.  This information gives you the understanding, knowledge and clarity of using your Talents to counteract your Challenges to create the right conditions to become aligned with your Soul's Goals and ultimately its Destiny.


In this 1 day course you will:


  • Be given a copy of your Soul Plan;

  • Discuss and explore the Star of Creation and where you sit in it;

  • Discover the insights held within your Soul Plan;

  • Explore the relevant energies of Soul Plan;

  • Unlock your Talents to align with your Soul's Goals & Destiny;

  • Group exercise and energy clearing.


This is an interactive day to access your Soul Plan.  Every day you use your senses to experience the world around you, so in the Introduction to Soul Plan you will use those same senses to see and feel the vibration of your Soul Self to align with your Soul's Plan.


We will finish off the day with a group exercise to integrate your Talents and clear any old energy that no longer serves you.  


Maxine will require your name, as shown on your birth certificate, when you book to access your Soul Plan.




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Place:  Soul Plan Workshops cancelled until further notice

Dates:        Times:   10.30am - 4.30pm  

Cost:  £45  (£20 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place.)  

Bring your own lunch.  Tea, coffee and snacks are provided.