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Access Bars

‘The Bars’ is the name given to the 32 points in the head where we store our thoughts, feelings, emotions, decisions, attitudes and ideas. These can be from this or other lifetimes.

Each point is like a filing cabinet of past experiences and beliefs and, if we do not clear out the old, each point can become full and therefore isn't able to take in anything new. This causes limitations in the different areas of our life as we are blocked from taking in new thoughts, ideas or experiences and this is when we can feel stuck or limited by life.

Each of the 32 points correspond to different areas of our lives, awareness money, control, creativity, ageing, joy and communication to name a few. Although the points are separate, they are intrinsically connected so a blockage in one point has a knock on effect on the others.

During a treatment Maxine will gently touch and hold these points. This touching and holding acts as a release to help clear out any blockages, patterns and behaviours you are ready to release. This then allows the space to be created for new thoughts and ideas to flow which opens the door to the potential of receiving new opportunities into your life allowing you to work towards creating the life you desire.

Cost: £40 for 1 hr Session or £32 for 40 minute Session



: Maxine Lewis Troon Tel: 07873491553 Email: [email protected]