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Unlock Your

Soul's Challenges, Talents, Goals & Destiny


Soul Unity Academy

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Maxine is a Wellness facilitator, with over 16 years of experience.  Over these years she has trained and is certificated in a range of Holistic Therapies which enable her to tailor treatments to meet client's individual needs.  


Although she has trained in many different methods of healing, she now focuses on specialising in energy-based treatments.  Maxine offers a safe and tranquil space and works with integrity to facilitate an environment for clients to attain their desired outcome.


Maxine offers Soul Plan Reading which reveals your Soul's Worldly and Spiritual challenges, gifts, goals and Destiny it has chosen to experience in this life-time.  This gives you the information and clarity to work towards your path and to find your Soul Purpose.  


She also offers a range of Workshops to aid personal and spiritual development.





Hi Everyone due to the Corona Virus Maxine has cancelled all face to face Treatments and Workshops until further notice.  Some Treatments and Workshop will be offered online.


For more information visit her facebook page, Maxine Lewis Troon, and like it to received updates.  Maxine is holding space for healing every day at 11am for 40 minutes.  Everyone is welcome and if you can't manage at 11am you I have set the healing up that you can receive it at a time that is convient to you.  When you are settled just put out the intension to receive the healing energy.  I set the intension for grounding at the end but please have a drink of water after the healing.  


Stay in the Energy of Love and Wellness and stay safe.